Springbuk + Durham County: Managing Disease with Data

Municipalities are some of the most innovative companies when it comes to health and wellness programming.

As publicly-funded organizations, municipalities must be creative when counteracting unique challenges. Like many employers, Durham County Governments’ leadership was facing rising healthcare costs, inefficient reporting, and the continuous challenge of calculating ROI. Durham County wanted a way to not only track and report on historical data, but to create actionable insights and strategies for their wellness initiatives.

With the addition of Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform, Durham County has transitioned away from relying on carrier reports and incomplete data sources. They are now able to compare healthcare spend year-over-year and no longer track just claims, but identify gaps-in-care within their populations’ health. With access to accurate clinical and financial insights, they’re able to maintain or decrease current risk factors more effectively and advocate for their wellness programs and methods. By partnering with Springbuk, Durham County is able to highlight compliance and target their most prevalent chronic condition, diabetes.

Gayle Harris, General Manager, and Public Health Director of Durham County stated, “Having access to data that has been summarized in a dashboard format helps Durham County Government better understand the impact of benefits offered to our employees. We are able to take the digestible information and examine ways to improve health outcomes while achieving cost savings for our organization.”

Through Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform, Durham County’s leadership identified a significant difference in members that actively utilized their onsite clinic at least once over an 18 month period. Active clinic members’ PEPM was $332 less than their inactive members – representing an annual savings of $322,704 for Durham County.

According to the American Diabetes Association, the national cost of diabetes in the US in 2012 was more than $245 billion.

In the past 12 months, Springbuk has identified over $95 Million in savings opportunities for our customers in this category. Springbuk help leaders make smart budgeting decisions and build a case for continued investment in wellness programs that are not only contributing to overall wellness culture but ultimately impacting the bottom line through members’ choice of care.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Health Intelligence platform, request a demo to see how you can start taking steps to prevent disease with data.