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Employee Health Trends 2023

Since Springbuk’s inception, our team’s goal has been to equip employers and their benefits advisors with easy-to-use information to improve employee health, manage costs, and understand program impact.

In this executive summary, we highlight the trends covered in Employee Health Trends 2023, including:
- Spending on COVID-19 PMPM
- Bringing Costs into Focus
– Cancer with Active Management
- A Deeper Understanding In Biosimilars’ Adoption
- The Service Trend Boomerang

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Tell the Story of Your Health Data with Integrated Analytics

Today’s employers need to access all types of data to inform their benefits strategies. That’s why we’ve woven integrated analytics into our platform.

At its core, integrated analytics is the ability to consolidate data from multiple sources to provide a unified, single view. This can tell a completely different story than just medical and pharmacy claims, ultimately helping employers make smarter decisions.

Discover the six areas Springbuk has identified where integrated analytics can pull together information from multiple sources to help piece together the whole story from your data.


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