Springbuk Timeline

Understand What Drives the Greatest Impact

Springbuk Timeline™ helps you see and tell the story of the interventions that have driven the greatest impact for your population’s health.

Springbuk Timeline was built to give you the tools to:

  • Monitor program success across multiple metrics, such as
    • Medical and Rx cost
    • Compliance rates of preventive and chronic care

    • Utilization of ER, inpatient, and outpatient

  • Isolate cohorts of employees engaged in your programs and compare them over time

  • Report on the potential impact of changes you have implemented

Track Progress to Keep Members on Track

For the first time, you can visually show the impact of programs and strategies implemented by comparing metrics against your recent actions.


If you noticed an increase in ER utilization for non-urgent visits, you could take action by implementing an increased ER copay.


After the copay had gone into effect, you'd want to see how the number of ER visits per 1,000 members changed.


Springbuk Timeline can monitor these changes over time, so you know when to re-engage with your population to keep members on track with health-related behaviors.
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With Springbuk Timeline in your benefits toolbelt, you can say goodbye to the days of making plan changes and wondering whether they move the needle in your population’s health.

A Springbuk Success Story

When analyzing an employer client’s aggregate data in Springbuk Insights™, the Acrisure team noticed a large compliance gap in mammogram screenings – only 66% of the population had completed this screening.

In this client success story, learn how Springbuk empowered Acrisure and their client to:

  • Uncover the source of rising costs and provide an opportunity to re-engage employees
  • Track the success of new initiatives put in place with Springbuk Timeline
  • Be armed with the right information at the right time to prevent disease with data
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