Are you a trusted advisor when it counts?

Employers count on you to help navigate the changing benefits landscape, all while containing costs and designing plans to improve health. Today’s groups need more than data: they need insights and direction on where to act, implement, and invest for success.

That’s where a Springbuk partnership can help. More than a data warehouse, our Intelligence Platform empowers you to advise with accuracy, measure results, and plan for what’s ahead in the population. The best part? Springbuk streamlines your reporting, so you can shine. When your clients have unified data at their fingertips, you win.


When you need more than historic claims data, Springbuk delivers. From reporting on stop-loss, to member compliance, to risk stratification, the platform gives you a single view of an entire population. What’s more, it’s forward-looking and ever-changing, so you can advise with confidence.

Pinpoint Engagement

Are employees at the Chicago warehouse driving costs, or is it dependents in Tennessee? What’s the risk factor for blue-collar employees versus white- or gray- collar members? With Springbuk, you can analyze population data by member type, location, gender, age and countless other attributes.

Financial Modeling

Why wait until year-end to advise clients? Springbuk allows you to track current spending at aggregate, per member per month and risk category levels. The platform also shows the prior twelve-month spend so you can report trends and performance, when there’s still time to make an impact.

Focus Populations

What if you could prove the efficacy of program participants vs. non-participants? Now, you can. It’s never been easier to compare and report on the health, costs and risks of engaged members against the population.

Partner with Springbuk

Our Partner Program offers dedicated support, enablement resources, and a proven framework to implement Springbuk with your clients.

Goodwill leverages Springbuk to control costs.

Learn how Springbuk helped stabilize health premiums for the first time in company history.

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