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Springbuk Analytics Navigator: Understanding the Story in Your Utilization Data

Springbuk Analytics Navigator: Understanding the Story in Your Utilization Data

Ready to take the complexity out of analyzing your health data? That's where tools like Springbuk Analytics Navigator come in to help. Springbuk Analytics Navigator is an enhancement to our already robust health intelligence platform that simplifies the data-driven approach to analyzing and understanding employee benefits trends. It handles the complex tasks of using warehouse data and creating visualizations, and provides recommended actions, including pre-defined, easily drillable data analysis around action items such as condition, utilization, and drug management.

The Utilization Navigator in Springbuk Analytics Navigator offers unparalleled insights into healthcare utilization, allowing you to identify cost drivers and make informed decisions about benefits. In the video above, we show you how to use Utilization Navigator to gain insights into healthcare utilization, identify cost drivers, and help you become an expert on your data.

Download the Analytics Navigator Utilization Use Case Here

As we dive into the Utilization Navigator, let's say you are curious about truck drivers within your population

  • Working in the Service Classification Major, you can examine the highest spend in your group 
  • For this group, you find the largest spend is facility costs in both the prior and current period
  • You also see that the per-member-per-month (PMPM) difference is also the highest for facility costs

To take your analysis a layer deeper and find out what's causing high facility spending, you can move on to the Minor Classification

  • Here, you can see what minor service types are driving that facility cost(s)
  • You can then look at trends broken down by medical and pharmacy expenses

Next, you can analyze medical and pharmacy expenses to gain deeper insights into healthcare utilization

  • You'll get the utilization metrics for different service type classifications on both the medical and pharmacy sides
  • You can select the different service type classifications to understand the prior and current period's amount broken down by each service type classification
  • This way, you can identify areas that need attention and focus your efforts there

Finally, Utilization Navigator allows you to customize your analysis to meet your needs

  • You can choose metrics such as medical and pharmacy spend, inpatient utilization, or outpatient utilization
  • You can also break down these metrics based on the diagnosis which leads to a comprehensive understanding of the medical and pharmacy costs

By exploring both the Major and Minor Classification, you can take a deep dive into the areas that your employees are using the most, identify root causes of high spending, and work towards reducing healthcare costs at your organization. With the Utilization Navigator, you'll be able to make a significant impact on the success of your benefits program and, as a result, the overall health of your company.

Download the Analytics Navigator Utilization Use Case Here