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How does the Springbuk Health Intelligence™ Platform Enable Scale?

In this video blog, we dive into the reasons why the focus has shifted from merely acquiring and enhancing data to reshaping how you utilize and comprehend your data to unleash the full potential of health analytics.

In the modern world of healthcare, the need for a seamless, efficient, and secure data management system is more profound than ever. Enter the Springbuk Health Intelligence Engine, a revolutionary platform crafted with speed, agility, scale, and quality in its core design. It was built with the dual purpose of managing large volumes of data without compromising performance and providing real-time, actionable insights.

In this video blog, we'll dive into why it is no longer just about data ingestion and enrichment; it is about transforming how you use and understand your data to unlock the potential of health analytics.

The Springbuk Health Intelligence Engine was built to manage your data in a secure, scalable, and high-performance manner. Often it is difficult to manage large volumes of data and also maintain performance. Where we built our continuous data pipeline, our primary goal was the ability to ingest, enrich, and update your data without impacting your daily use of our product.

What does this mean in a practical sense? For starters, while some health analytics vendors may update their database once per month, we continuously update ours. This is what sets the Springbuk Health Intelligence Engine apart from its competitors. 

For instance, some health analytic companies update their client databases once per month and often require downtime during the update window. Springbuk continuously updates ours, averaging 35 updates per month. This means you get immediate, actionable insights into the biggest opportunities in your population. 

We service more than 5,200 clients, and last year we implemented over 1,300 groups on our platform. And we do this with hundreds of quality checks throughout the process.

Finally, we are the only health analytics vendor that carries the HITRUST R2 certification and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. We also wanted to maximize our scale to increase efficiencies for delivering our clients data-driven insights fast. 

Our latest innovative offering, Data+Connect, is one that our large clients love – it provides end users with direct access to a secure database that has been cleansed and enriched by Springbuk. This allows our clients to use the visualization or business intelligence tool that they prefer for their analytics. It also allows them to execute their own proprietary analytics and algorithms against the data.

The flexibility and scalability in our data architecture is unmatched. This enables you to focus on developing meaningful strategies instead of mining your data.

A commitment to speed, agility, scalability, and quality is foundational to how we work with you. To learn more about how Springbuk can streamline your processes and maximize the impact of your benefits plans, click here.