Laying the Foundation for Your Benefits Plan with Data Analytics

When you construct a home, you start with a sturdy foundation to provide support for years to come. After your home is built and you enter through the front door, you’re guided through each room based on the floorplan laid out for you. And as you make changes or fixes, there are countless resources you rely on to make the best decisions possible. 

When we look at the full picture – a benefits plan is actually like a house in many ways. To have a successful benefits plan, you need a foundation, support, guidance, and monitoring to ensure you’re providing members with the most impactful experience. At Siemens Energy, this concept has changed the way they look at employee health plans. 

To dive deeper into this approach, HR Executive hosted a webinar where Doug Peddie, Anthony Marino, and Jennifer Jones will discussed how Siemens Energy uses Alight Solutions and Springbuk to: 

  • Deliver better health outcomes
  • Reduce healthcare costs 
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Enable and accelerate benefits strategies

Click Above to Watch the Replay