Looking to drive impactful change? Biometric screening data isn’t enough.

Your clients count on you to improve the health of their population … and report on the outcomes. Springbuk makes it easy to identify current and future diagnosis categories, gaps in prescribed care, and spending trends.

Focus Population

How is the clinic performing? Compare and report on the health, cost trends, and risk stratification of cohort members against other population sets.

Targeted Engagement

Are executives at corporate HQ at-risk, or should you target line workers in the distribution center?  Springbuk identifies risk and engagement opportunities by member type, location, health plan and other attributes.

Patient Profile

Springbuk gives you a simplified view of member risk and motivation factors that includes diagnosis categories, disease guidelines, and therapeutic classes. Now, personalized engagement is a reality.

Gaps in Care

Medical and pharmacy adherence doesn’t have to be measured in arrears. Springbuk identifies members with a “gap in care”, so you can engage with accuracy.

Partner with Springbuk

Our Partner Program offers dedicated support, enablement resources and a proven framework to implement Springbuk with your clients.

Elite Wellness

This case study shows how Elite addressed key challenge in serving clients, including an incomplete view of client populations and inaccurate and unreliable sources of data.

Case Study

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