America’s 100 Healthiest Employers for 2018 – 11-20

In this series, we’re sharing the behind-the-scenes details of what sets America’s Healthiest 100 Employers apart from the pack.

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Total Employees – 19

HQ – Wabash, IN

“I’m proud that we practice what we preach. We build health + wellness solutions for employers all over the country, so it’s imperative that we’re champions of health within our own lives and organization. I’m proud of our team of runners, walkers, bikers, and mountain climbers who are setting the pace for our vision of a healthier world.”

#12 – Excela Health

Total Employees – 3,799

HQ – Greesnburg, PA

“We are moving the needle in employee health and wellness on both an organizational and individual level. It is very gratifying to learn that an employee has improved a health condition, reduced or eliminated the need for a medication through preventive measures, or adopted a new healthy habit to achieve weight loss, or build stamina.”

#13 – Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

Total Employees – 478

HQ – Portland, OR

“The Leatherman Tool Group leads their wellness programming with education and follows with action. This has empowered their employees to make smarter healthcare decisions. By leading with educational seminars and book clubs, followed by physical activity or healthy eating workshops, their team gets a well-rounded view on the impact that their actions have on their overall health.”

#14 – Samaritan Health Services

Total Employees – 5,294

HQ – Corvallis, OR

“At Samaritan Health Services, they strive to ‘walk the talk’ regarding their own personal health, and targeted engagement and messaging has been their tool of choice to accomplish this goal. For example, by targeting their management staff with stress management programming, they’ve seen big boosts in morale company-wide. This level of targeting sets them apart as a wellness leader.”

#15 – Monarch Beverage

Total Employees – 712

HQ – Indianapolis, IN

“With a full-time physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, dietitian, physical therapist and psychologist available on-staff, Monarch Beverage has provided their team with high-quality preventative healthcare. These services are available free of charge for employees and their families, leading to fewer members putting off necessary check-ups.”

#16 – GE Appliances, a Haier company

Total Employees – 12,000

HQ – Louisville, KY

“I am so proud of our commitment to our very diverse workforce, ensuring that we’re investing in a variety of resources and initiatives to meet the needs of different segments of our employee population, no matter where they may be in their personal journeys of health.”

#17 – GE Aviation

Total Employees – 26,000

HQ – Cincinnati, OH

“For GE Aviation, employee education has been the key to unlocking healthcare savings opportunities. By leveraging a health education platform, 62% of employees reported that they would likely change their behavior based on the information presented and 74% said the information presented covered topics they did not know about previously.”

#18 – Riverside Healthcare

Total Employees – 2,061

HQ – Kankakee, IL

“I am especially proud of our health and wellness program, and the team that leads our well-being initiatives. As Kankakee County’s largest employer, our 3,100 employees have averaged an 89 percent participation rate over the past five years. The program has a positive impact on employees’ lives, saves on medical costs and also leads to greater patient satisfaction.”

#19 – City of Westminster

Total Employees – 1,012

HQ – Westminister, CO

“I am distinctly proud of the way our employees continue to respond to our city’s commitment to wellness. We’ve been taking this holistic approach to wellness for more than 30 years and it has become deeply embedded in our culture. New employees buy into it as much as our veterans, and it brings so much value to the work they do for our community.”

#20 – Craft Brew Alliance

Total Employees – 560

HQ – Portland, OR

“With our focus on Being Your Own Best – incenting healthy behaviors and choices, providing tools to live a happier and more productive life, and offering flexibility and support to manage personal needs – it is exciting to see our employees thrive in this environment and benefit from those tools on a personal level as well.

For a full writeup on our list of America’s Healthiest Employers in 2018, download our free Healthiest 100 Magazine.