America’s 100 Healthiest Employers for 2018 – 21-30

In this series, we’re sharing the behind-the-scenes details of what sets America’s Healthiest 100 Employers apart from the pack.

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#21 – The Starr Group

Total Employees – 31

HQ – Greenfield, WI

“I now frequently say there is nothing more important than the culture of an organization and the strength of ones PHM. Wellness programs are turbochargers of what is possible. Considering our employees are the face of our business and they spend 40% of their lives with us how important is their happiness and wellbeing – a business must!”

#22 – Witham Health Services

Total Employees – 770

HQ – Lebanon, IN

“The Wellness programs that Witham offers its employees and the community continue to grow because of the hard work, enthusiasm and knowledge of our Wellness Coordinator and her team and because of the acceptance of area businesses, schools and hospital realizing the benefits. Witham is proud to be able to impact our community in such a positive way.”

#23 – HP Inc.

Total Employees – 13,462

HQ – Palo Alto, CA

“With a large, global workforce, HP has unique challenges to overcome. In addition to onsite clinics and gyms, they have launched global wellness initiatives designed to get employees around the world working towards the same goal. For example, they host virtual races to famous landmarks, logged via step trackers. Individuals can unlock and explore destination content as they progress.”

#24 – Raytown Quality Schools

Total Employees – 1,400

HQ – Raytown, MO

“We are honored to be recognized as one of the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America. We hope our efforts to improve the quality of life of our staff members through resources provided by the District will result in higher student achievement as well as the retention of high-performing staff members who are healthier and happier.”

#25 – Terumo BCT

Total Employees – 2,304

HQ – Lakewood, CO

“I couldn’t be prouder of the team that does such a great job of educating our associates and providing best in class programs and services to support their health. I firmly believe it is through efforts like this that our organization can thrive and provide the best service possible to our customers and the patients they serve.”

#26 – Rosecrance Health Network

Total Employees – 900

HQ – Rockford, IL

“Rosecrance embodies the value that the fundamentals of population health management can have on an organization. Their wellness programming is oriented around preventing disease, getting their employees active, and ensuring that they eat well. These fundamental activities have led to reductions in preventative conditions, as well as a 70% participation rate and 92% satisfaction rate.”

#27 – Inova Health System

Total Employees – 13,587

HQ – Fairfax, VA

“At Innova Health Systems, they make a deliberate effort to build programming that is targeted to members with different levels of physical health, as well as different health goals. This has helped them increase participation and improve overall population health more effectively. No matter your current health status, there is programming designed for you.”

#28 – NK Parts Industries, Inc.

Total Employees – 705

HQ – Sidney, OH

“NK Parts takes pride, not only in improving health outcomes for their employees, but engaging with their families as well. The heart of their program is designed to engage, educate and improve the health and wellness of each of our associates and their family members. This includes a zero-cost onsite medical clinic and free fitness center for both employees and their families.”

#29 – Hill & Wilkinson

Total Employees – 350

HQ – Richardson, TX

“I’m proud of the longevity of our Wellness at Work program, that we’ve stuck with it, and that we’ve continued to expand it each year with more variety and added challenges. Wellness has really become a key part of our culture, and there’s a shared sense of everyone going on the health journey together.”

#30 – International Game Technology (IGT)

Total Employees – 7,000

HQ – Providence, RI

“IGT’s wellness programming is holistic and comprehensive. After covering the basics, like an onsite gym and healthy cafeteria options, they went a step further by hiring expert physical trainers, nutritionists, and fitness coaches. They also do weekly interactive videos with celebrities, and provide four weeks of 100% paid parental leave.

For a full writeup on our list of America’s Healthiest Employers in 2018, download our free Healthiest 100 Magazine.