America’s 100 Healthiest Employers for 2018 – 41-50

In this series, we’re sharing the behind-the-scenes details of what sets America’s Healthiest 100 Employers apart from the pack.

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#41 – Sense Corp

Total Employees – 199

HQ – St. Lous, MO

“I am extremely proud of our participation rate in our corporate sponsored events such as our wellness challenges, local events that include significant others & family, wellness related webinars and illness prevention challenges around cold and flu season. Even more impressive are the wellness & actions and encouragement that happens organically across the firm.”

#42 – Cambia Health Solutions

Total Employees – 4,469

HQ – Portland, OR

“We know that a culture of wellness is about more than employee fitness and nutrition – it’s also about the financial, social, emotional well-being of employees. Our workplace programs and wellness teams are tailored to maximize participation and improve health.”

#43 – Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L)

Total Employees – 2,895

HQ – Kansas City, MO

“Fundamentally, we view wellbeing as a manifestation of our commitment to our ‘people first’ culture. Because of that, our pride naturally stems from the collective appreciation of the value of the health and wellbeing of our colleagues. Thank you for recognizing our efforts — there is no better investment than in people.”

#44 – Boulder County

Total Employees – 1,937

HQ – Boulder, CO

“Our wellness program is committed to supporting employees in all aspects of well-being so that they can reduce stress, use resources wisely, remain active, emphasize food as medicine, and invest time in their relationships and communities.”

#45 – The Resource Center

Total Employees  984

HQ – Jamestown, NY

“I am very proud of the team who supports our employees with all of our population health and wellness programs. They are dynamic, caring and always a lot of fun. They strive to develop their own tools in order to better support our workforce and have become certified in many areas and bring those skills each day.”

#46 – Premier

Total Employees – 2,205

HQ – Charlotte, NC

“I am always encouraged to see that our employees fully embrace our culture of wellness, especially from a grassroots perspective. We have ‘Wellness Warriors’ throughout Premier that lead by example and motivate others to adopt healthier lifestyles. It makes me proud to see our employees walk the wellness talk.”

#47 – Eugene Water & Electric Board

Total Employees – 473

HQ – Eugene, OR

“I am most proud of our employees. They are critical to us providing important services to our community from drinking water to electricity. Their health and welfare plays a key role in how they perform and how we serve our local community. We rely on our employees, so that our community can rely on us.”

#48 – Northwest Permanente PC

Total Employees – 1,580

HQ – Portland, OR

“As a physician-led professional corporation, Northwest Permanente P.C. does not only embrace our responsibility and accountability to the patients and people we serve, we also are on a strategic path to continually enhance and re-imagine Joy of Work for our own people, in wellness, resilience and health, in mind, body and spirit.”

#49 – BP

Total Employees – 15,000

HQ – Houston, TX

“BP has seen fantastic results from their health and wellness efforts. Overall health risks declined by 8.6 percent, and for employees who participated in a lifestyle management program, risks declined by 11.1 percent. The overall health care spend for BP reduced by 3.5 percent and BP achieved an ROI of $3:1.”

#50 – Nutranext

Total Employees – 528

HQ – Sawgrass, FL

“Health is a state of mind. Wellness is a state of being. At Nutranext, Wellness is not something we do, but is the very essence of our culture. It defines our mindset, behavior and attitude toward well-being.

For a full writeup on our list of America’s Healthiest Employers in 2018, download our free Healthiest 100 Magazine.