We’re on a mission to prevent disease with data.

We imagine a world in which every healthcare decision—whether it’s being made by a benefits consultant, employer, or any other stakeholder in the health ecosystem—backed by data. That’s why we built a leading-edge health intelligence engine to empower smarter healthcare decision-making.

Discovering Insights, Partnering With The Best

Our team loves learning from America’s healthiest employers. That’s why we constantly strive to learn through strategic partnerships. We survey winners of America’s Healthiest Employers program, run data sets through our platform to answer challenging questions, and partner with other leading-edge companies to discover even deeper insights in population health data.

To learn more about our team’s studies, check out our Springbuk Insights page.

Up For The Challenge?

Our ambitions are lofty. That’s why we need the most talented health experts, software developers, and data analysts we can find. If you love crafting creative solutions to giant problems, you could fit in nicely at Springbuk.

We built software to help benefits and healthcare professionals communicate, connect, and glean insights from their health data. This technology empowers everyone in the population health ecosystem to make smarter healthcare decisions.

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