INDIANAPOLIS — (Sept. 22, 2020) — Springbuk, a health intelligence software company, today announced the company has won a 2020 HR Technology Award for Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution in the Core HR/Workforce category based on its differentiated solution and ability to solve real business problems.

Ben Eubanks announced the award winners on the HR Technology Awards website. In the announcement video, Eubanks cited the Springbuk solution’s ability to identify COVID-19 risk factors in the workforce and its ability to show analytics on healthcare interventions and the business impacts of those interventions as standout features.

Knowing the real impact of wellness and well-being initiatives has been elusive and Springbuk allows you to actually see the impact, what’s solving a problem, and how it’s doing that,” said Ben Eubanks, founder of the HR Technology Awards. “Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform goes beyond just wellness and well-being to provide data and insights to companies and consultants to make better decisions about employee health and benefits plans.

The HR Technology Awards, powered by Lighthouse Research & Advisory, were established with the goal of helping buyers understand the strengths of today's HR tech firms. HR Technology Awards entries are reviewed by a panel of independent judges who evaluate the platforms based on what problem the technology solves, client case studies with tangible results, software demos, key differentiators, and the company behind the technology.

Ten years ago our society dawned a technology age that has advanced every major sector of our lives. Unfortunately, healthcare remains a laggard in applying these to the health of humanity,” said Springbuk CEO Rod Reasen. “It is our goal to shorten that gap and lead a new revolution by using the most modern technical paradigms to detect, predict, and prevent disease so that all humanity can know a life of health.

Aligning to these award-winning features, Springbuk has launched the Springbuk Intelligence Engine™ — which uses cloud-based technology and data science to add speed and automation into their process so clients can make decisions with confidence that their data is telling the real story in real time.

Born in the cloud, Springbuk takes advantage of advanced technologies so that their data pipeline is completely modern, and can handle the demands of healthcare data today, but is ready to influence the way healthcare data is processed in the future.

Our Intelligence Engine allows us to innovate in a way that legacy data warehouse solutions can’t,” said Reasen. “This allows us to take on additional innovation opportunities identified during user feedback sessions. In fact, over the last year, more than 30% of new product iterations came directly from conversations with our clients.

Springbuk ingests, normalizes, and enriches data with over 180 quality checks — allowing clients efficient access to their normalized data and visually transforming it into a complete and credible picture of their population. The Intelligence Engine ensures that the data clients view in the Springbuk platform has the integrity to represent the true story of their population’s health.