This year, employers and their advisors remained focused on enhancing their employees' experiences in the ever-changing landscape of work benefits. They've been dedicated to finding new ways to support their employees' health and wellness by innovating the delivery of benefits and resources.

Looking back at our most popular content in 2023, it's evident that our audience prefers practical blogs, e-books, videos, and similar materials that offer actionable insights. Below, we've gathered the most impactful pieces from this year, along with links to related content that resonated with our community.

Top Blog Post: What is Health Intelligence? 

Health Intelligence, a concept integral to data-driven employers and advisers, pertains to the capability to apply health data knowledge and actionable insights to influence the well-being of an individual or group. Unlike health analytics, which solely presents data, health intelligence leverages this data to recommend targeted actions and strategies to improve health outcomes. Platforms like Springbuk offer health intelligence solutions, providing the right data and next steps to enact substantive changes in employee health. Key features to look for in such platforms include:

  • Real-time data consumption
  • Insights rather than mere data
  • Data forecasting capabilities to manage future health costs

Top Infographic: Unraveling Ozempic Use Trends – A Deep Dive Into Healthcare Spend & Utilization

Ozempic, a key player in diabetes treatment, is seeing escalated usage and curiosity regarding its off-label use for obesity. This infographic provides insights into Ozempic's healthcare impact, its history, and its effect on healthcare costs. Data reveals a significant increase in per member, per month (PMPM) spending on Ozempic, with over 25% usage by non-diabetics in the first half of 2023. The Springbuk application can help employers understand these utilization trends, aiding the development of focused strategies for managing conditions that most impact their workforce.

Top Podcast: Ep. 18 Sophisticated Solutions for Complex Cancer Care

According to a 2023 Business Group on Health survey, cancer has become the primary cost driver for employers, surpassing musculoskeletal disease for the first time in history. In this episode of the Springbuk podcast, Natalya Gertsik, VP of Clear Cancer Solution Management at PHM and a contributor to the 2023 Springbuk Employee Health Trends report, highlights three critical deficiencies in cancer care impacting employers and employees:

  • Limited access
  • Inadequate communication
  • Inefficiency

Gertsik outlines issues with Centers of Excellence and community-based oncologists, proposing PHM's "independence clinical excellence model" as a solution to address these challenges in cancer care.

Top E-book: The User Analytic Journey 

Springbuk offers dynamic tools for employers and advisors to analyze and present benefits data. Recognizing diverse user needs, it tailors paths for each. From busy business users needing quick, accurate insights to HR analysts diving deeper into data, and seasoned data experts customizing their journey, Springbuk provides solutions for all

Offering three paths – Interactive Stories for immediate insights, Interactive Exploration for detailed analysis, and Interactive Exports for data manipulation – Springbuk caters to users at different analytic skill levels. This flexibility empowers users to navigate tailored paths, ensuring relevant and actionable data stories.

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