Chrissy Krampert, Chief Strategy Officer at Jellyvision, shares how their interactive ALEX platform uses behavioral science and AI to help employees better understand and utilize their health benefits.

Navigating health benefits can be a daunting task for many employees
. The complexities of plan options, deductibles, and coverage details often leave people feeling confused and uncertain about making the right choices. This is where Jellyvision, a company known for its innovative approach to employee education, comes in.

In a recent episode of the "Healthcare on the Rocks: Employee Benefits with a Twist" podcast, Chrissy Krampert, Chief Strategy Officer at Jellyvision, discussed how ALEX, the Jellyvision platform, is revolutionizing the way employees engage with and understand their health benefits.

Below, you’ll find highlights and takeaways from their conversation. Ready to listen to the full episode? Click here.

The Origin of Jellyvision and ALEX

Jellyvision's roots may not immediately suggest a healthcare focus, as Krampert explained: "We started with educational content for children and then morphed into a gaming company. We launched You Don't Know Jack games, as well as the CD version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

However, their journey took an interesting turn when an employer partner approached them for help explaining high-deductible health plans around the time of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This led to the birth of ALEX Benefits Counselor, a virtual benefits advisor designed to guide employees through the complexities of health benefits.

Turning Furrowed Brows into Peace of Mind

At the core of Jellyvision's mission is a desire to "go to where there is furrowed brow and bring it to peace of mind." Krampert emphasized the importance of putting users at the center of their approach, with ALEX serving as a trusted advisor, guide, and friend to employees navigating their benefits.

"Benefits are tricky to navigate and not only choose, but use them," Krampert said. "We see ALEX as that very important, trusted advisor, guide, friend. I'm always surprised at how many people propose to ALEX at the end of open enrollment season, but people do, and that trust, that guidance that comes, really helps people protect their health and their wealth."

The Power of Behavioral Science and AI

One of the key differentiators of ALEX is its foundation in behavioral science and artificial intelligence (AI). Jellyvision's background in education and entertainment allows them to understand how different people think, feel, and make decisions.

"Our approach to explanations both in quick ways and in long form content, engage users at a deeper level, helping to guide them to a solution rather than demand that they take action," Krampert explained. "The humor, the interactive elements of ALEX really make that difference."

Jellyvision's recent acquisition of Pickwell has further enhanced ALEX's capabilities by incorporating predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning into its recommendation engine. This allows ALEX to provide more personalized and dynamic guidance to employees, taking into account their unique situations and healthcare needs.

Partnering with Springbuk for Data-Driven Insights

In the podcast, Krampert also discussed Jellyvision's partnership with Springbuk in the Activate marketplace. By leveraging claims data from Springbuk, ALEX can tailor its outreach and recommendations to employees based on their actual healthcare utilization patterns.

"With claims data, ALEX can present it in a way that is easy for users to understand and take action on. So, even year over year, making the best choices for employees and their families," Krampert said.

This data-driven approach not only empowers employees to make more informed decisions but also assists employers in designing more effective and cost-efficient health plans.

Preparing for the Future of Healthcare Benefits

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, with new plan options and value-based care models emerging, Jellyvision is well-positioned to help employers and employees navigate these changes. Krampert emphasized ALEX's versatility in explaining and guiding users through new plan types, such as those offered by Surestart, Bind, and Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRAs).

"ALEX is here to help guide employees through all of that," Krampert said. "With our information, with brokers' information coming back, with the foundation of claims data to show what people are really using and not using, employers are going to continue to try to figure out the mix of point solutions and plan design that are going to help their employees while containing costs."

AI-Driven Employee Benefits Platform Aims to Clarify Choices, Reduce Costs

Jellyvision's ALEX platform is a significant innovation in the world of employee benefits, leveraging behavioral science, AI, and data-driven insights to empower employees and employers alike. By turning furrowed brows into peace of mind, ALEX is helping employees make informed decisions about their health benefits, ultimately leading to better health outcomes and cost savings for both individuals and organizations.

As Jellyvision continues to innovate and partner with companies like Springbuk, the future of employee benefits looks promising, with a focus on personalization, education, and empowerment.

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