Data analytics has evolved and expanded for years to help employers and their consultants begin to paint a picture of what is happening in their employee populations.

However, historically, these analytic solutions have been cumbersome to navigate, bearing unnecessary processes to implement and scale. Over the years, as Springbuk has evolved, we pin-pointed an opportunity to introduce customers to a highly-innovative user experience and strategic support to provide deep insight and actionable next steps.

When we think about health intelligence, it’s going beyond giving customers more data. It’s about strategically streamlining their processes by helping them dig into their data, save time, and easily understand their greatest opportunities.

In short: health intelligence is giving customers the ability to use their data to drive impactful strategies and decisions.

Power in Human Connection

At Springbuk, it’s not a single person, team, or solution that makes Health Intelligence happen. It’s a powerful combination of innovative product teams, expert data scientists and clinicians, and strategic support experts.

On the Health Strategy team, we have a unique approach to how we enable our health intelligence solutions. We work closely with new and existing customers daily. Whether it’s creating custom reports or visualizations, one of our main focuses is helping users find the answers they need to pressing questions.

A key differentiator about Springbuk’s Health Strategy team is the human element we bring to health data analytics. The Springbuk team has developed highly-innovative solutions that distill data into a very easy-to-understand manner. Where we, the Health Strategy team, often come into play is when our customers want more of a consultative experience. For example, a user may come to the team after identifying in the platform what the average cost for an MRI is and the top providers, but need a next step to using this information in an actionable way.

Providing that human piece to the data and helping them further understand the next steps within that strategy is unique with Springbuk and our Health Strategy team. Our goal is to help give users the puzzle piece they need to further understand what their data is telling them.

As Employee Needs Change, So Should Your Solution

Working so closely with customers, we have a strong pulse on their common questions. When we begin to hear the same types of questions being asked, or we’re developing similar types of reports, that’s when we pull in the Product team to share the insight and needs we’re receiving directly from our daily users. This type of cross-collaboration allows us to customize our solutions to what our customers need before they have to ask or submit a suggestion to the idea portal.

Our teams’ communication has played a large role in the continued innovation of Springbuk Answers™. As this solution was being pulled through the road map, the Health Strategy team combed through the various existing reports to understand which questions we saw time and time again and provided feedback to the product team.

Time is of the essence for our customers, and when we can provide answers to these common questions, we’re taking out the additional unnecessary hoops they’ve had to historically jump through.

In conjunction with our work across teams, the Health Strategy team, Data Science and Methods team, and Product team have prioritized regular syncs to discuss what developments we’re seeing across the industry. This time allows us to groupthink on how we can ensure we’re representing any new information in our platform while simultaneously communicating this with customers as soon as possible.

The Evolution of Intelligent Strategy

Two or so years ago, my team and I focused heavily on report creation and recreation. While that is still a focus today, we’ve become much more prescriptive with data and anticipating the questions our users will have. And in turn, this goes back to us taking the insight we glean from customers as well as cross-collaboration with internal experts and providing that to the product team to make our solutions even more robust.

We've learned so much from not only what we uncover in the data but from our clients. Now more than ever we can be much more prescriptive and much more consultative with the types of reports that we recommend, which might help them understand further what those opportunities are within the data.

It's twofold.

We’ll always be here to lend customers a hand with reporting needs, and that has certainly turned into more proactive reporting, as far as recommending various types of data points to highlight or various reports to prioritize. We’re no longer as reactive in looking to see where the claims are increasing, or where the spend is going. Now, we’re trying to understand everything that's happened historically, and where we can affect those changes going forward.

The Future of Intelligent Strategies

Health benefits data has always been foundational to the work we do at Springbuk. And as our solutions have developed, my team has focused on how the reports and resources scale to meet these innovations. Through continued collaboration and strategy across the Health Strategy team, Data Science and Methods team, and Product team, we enhanced our Advanced Reporting feature.

A big portion of these reports we create is around data sets we don’t yet have in the platform. This allows us to be strategic in how we leverage and illustrate this information. As we gain insight into the data from these reports and expertise, we’re continuously strategizing with the Product team to see how and where we will want to use this in our platform in the future.

The collaboration of all three of these groups together is really powerful when we start to ideate on how we can move from just reporting on data to highlighting data in our intelligent solutions.