When you construct a home, you start with a sturdy foundation to provide support for years to come. After your home is built and you enter through the front door, you’re guided through each room based on the floorplan laid out for you. And as you make changes or fixes, there are countless resources you rely on to make the best decisions possible. 

When we look at the full picture – a benefits plan is actually like a house in many ways. To have a successful benefits plan, you need a foundation, support, guidance, and monitoring to ensure you’re providing members with the most impactful experience. At Siemens Energy, this concept has changed the way they look at employee health plans. 

To dive deeper into this approach, Doug Peddie and Anthony Marino joined Jennifer Jones for a webinar to discuss how Siemens Energy uses Alight Solutions and Springbuk to enable and accelerate benefits strategies.

Below are a few key takeaways from their conversation:

Takeaway 1

Doug Peddie: Some primary reasons we chose Alight and Springbuk is because we knew they both had advanced data analysis capabilities.  Because over the years we’ve had a lot of healthcare decisions that have been made from a company perspective as well as an employee perspective – and, not always based on good data. 

So we started to look at care gaps, and begin to close those care gaps, knowing we could actually report on their progress and make sure it working. And really what it does, is gives us a way to look at our plan performance as a plan versus trying to integrate two or three different carriers reports

Now we've got the capability to look at the plan and figure out things members can do within it to move their health conditions forward. And, start to launch different types of communications to employees to engage them and to get them to start to move further along their healthcare journey.

Takeaway 2

Doug Peddie: At the bottom, we have the core administrative engines and other third parties. Then we have a data lake in the middle where we're able to pull data out of those core engines, and we leverage our analytic capabilities in Springbuk

As we see things in the data, we dive deeper into the actionable insights, and then from those perspectives, we engage the employee or the family member in a hyper-personalized fashion. Right time, right moment, right place

And this spans total well-being. I talked before about preventive care, and suggestions that people would get if we see that somebody hasn't had a mammography in X period of time, or hasn't seen a general practitioner and they're not keeping up with their preventive care. That's what drives levels of engagement back. This platform is set up to provide that level of integration, drive those type of personalization out to the individuals, and then to impact overall engagement.

Takeaway 3

Doug Peddie: We're starting to turn the corner. As we go through setting our rates for a 2023 plan year, we see the impact that analyzing data and implementing strategies are starting to have on our cost trends. We’re still in the infancy of it. But we've got the data and the specifics now to begin to drive our folks towards better health outcomes. So, again, we can measure it, we can say, ‘Okay, we talked to this person in February, made a recommendation to a healthcare professional, they went to them in March, now we can extrapolate out what their costs are, and what their outcomes are using Springbuk data.’ 

We can really start to show how we're moving the needle forward in, in getting a real stronghold against these conditions that are that are making a sick and killing us. When you have data, you can have a dashboard, but you don't always have a way to generate a dashboard in the past. Now we have that, and we can take all this stuff that I'm talking about, and put into pictures that we can present to our employees and to our executives, and it's powerful.

To watch the full webinar on-demand, click here.

Meet the Speakers:

Doug Peddie, US Benefits Leader, Siemens Energy

Doug Peddie is the Head of US Benefits for Siemens Energy.  He came to that role from Siemens Corporation (US) where, since 2008, he led the post-transaction benefits restructurings for 4 different Siemens divestitures/JVs.

Doug has taught HR, compensation, and benefits topics at Carlow College, Rollins College, Valencia College, and the University of Central Florida. He is a Board Member of the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value. He has been a contributing editor/writer to articles in Consumer-Driven Healthcare Implications for providers, payers, and policymakers; The Job-Search Navigator: Secrets of a Reluctant Career Expert; and the Health Affairs article Value-Based Insurance Plus Disease Management Increased Medication Use And Produced Savings. Doug has an MBA from Rider University, a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the College of New Jersey, and holds the CCP (Certified Compensation Professional) designation from World at Work.

Anthony Marino, Strategic Account Executive, Alight Solutions

In his role as Strategic Account Executive, Anthony manages the overall client relationship for a portfolio of global clients across multiple industries, identifying solutions and resources to address client’s human capital needs including strategic outsourcing service delivery models spanning the employee lifecycle. His collaborative approach focused on business and strategy alignment creates leverage and drives synergy to produce exceptional results.

Prior to joining Alight, Anthony held executive positions at a number of well-known BPO and Consulting organizations, including: Xerox Business Services, Accenture, ProBusiness, AGConsulting, and Ceridian. During his career, Anthony has developed relationships with many Fortune 500 employers such as; Ford Motor Company; The Coca-Cola Company; Aramark; Rite Aid; United Technologies; Goodyear; Lincoln Financial Group; Sun Microsystems; American Express; Siemens AG; Honeywell International, Becton Dickinson; Siemens Healthineers Arconic jereand Johnson and Johnson.

Jennifer Jones, Population Health Practice Leader, Springbuk

Jennifer Jones, MSM, RD, is an experienced healthcare professionalwith a background in clinical dietetics, wellness programming, and employer health, and is a certified Corporate Wellness Specialist.With over 20 years of experience, she has worked in various settings including health care systems, occupational health organizations andhealth and welfare benefits advisory firm. After working directly with patients and employees, Jennifer turned her focus to population and employer health to achieve a greater impact on health outcomes.