Next up in our Are You Ready for Health Intelligence series, we take it one layer deeper and help identify your organization’s current benefits management and planning habits. This is the first step in understanding if your healthcare data is working to give you the direction you need to tailor plans and programs that fit. 

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The Building Blocks of Health Intelligence

Today, the majority of employers leverage claims data to support program design, but they’re relying on surface-level analytics solutions and one-dimensional spreadsheets to draw conclusions. For these organizations, graduating from health analytics to health intelligence is like trading in the car you drove when you were 16 for a Tesla

It’s important to note: suppose your organization isn’t using existing claims or clinical data to evaluate program effectiveness. In that case, the best next step is to start consistently and methodically using that information in your plan design process. To achieve actionable health intelligence, you need to start with the fundamental building blocks. 

For guidance on avoiding the top five mistakes when using claims data to build your benefits programs, check out this e-book. 

Is your data giving you the direction you need?

Most wellness programs offer a baseline of data to report on. Participation, utilization, and incentive tracking are the starting pieces. But to complete the puzzle, vendors, carriers, and consultants often supply additional information. These siloed data sources produce a base level of knowledge but are limited in driving meaningful health outcomes in a population

Can you currently

  • Predict which program initiatives are most likely to reduce severe disease development?
  • Identify the best strategies for decreasing PMPM health costs while closing compliance gaps? 
  • Evaluate employee health in satellite locations to forecast the ROI of adding an on- or near-site clinic?

If your organization is ready to make program selections with ease – and have data-driven guidance to make the most impactful decisions – Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform might be the solution you’re looking for. 

When you layer on health intelligence, you can begin to leverage all of the data at your disposal to quickly understand which programs to invest in, ultimately improving the health of your population, reducing healthcare spend, and delivering programs that keep employees happy. 

True health intelligence empowers you to ask the right questions when evaluating programs and understanding the difference between vendors to help you close compliance gaps and mitigate future risk. 

Are you ready to see if your organization is ready for health intelligence? Download the full e-book to learn how your company can take your health analytics solution to the next level. 

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