Is this your reality? 

  • You have a data warehouse, you just need to get something intelligent out of it
  • You’re looking for ways to tailor your benefits packages, but you don't know where to start
  • You have data, but you’re not a data analyst - you lack the resources to interpret benefits data

We’d like to introduce you to the Springbuk Health Intelligence™ platform, a smarter solution for measuring the impact of your health management investment

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We know that today’s employer plays a unique role in the lives of their employees, one that stretches beyond the office. They aim to tailor benefits offerings that keep employees happy, healthy, and engaged in all facets of their lives. And to do so, they purchase clunky, legacy solutions that leave them wasting time, trudging through data - still without an answer to their questions. 

But with today’s rapidly advancing technology, everyone is left asking: Why is it so hard to get the answers needed in healthcare analytics

That’s why we built our health intelligence platform. Because when your data works from one place, that’s when patterns and trends start to emerge

Through curated strategies, health intelligence is allowing employers and advisors to spend less time laboring through data and more time acting. Throughout this five-part series, we’ll highlight the questions to ask and see if your organization is ready to achieve actionable health intelligence. 

Question #1: Are data-driven plan designs a priority for your organization? 

Now more than ever, employers need to maximize the investment they make in their most valuable resource – their people. They need to be able to deliver plans and programs that fit their population and support employee retention. And while commonly launched from a desire to keep employees engaged and healthy, your organization’s health initiatives require a deeper commitment from your organization.

Employers typically have access to participation and utilization data for a high-level understanding of what programs are working. And to begin filling in the details, there’s often additional information supplied by vendors, carriers, and data analysts. Still, they can be cumbersome to collect and are limited in providing the actionable insights you need to help guide impactful plan designs

Are you currently:

  • Analyzing data to answer high-value questions, only to encounter dead ends due to your current solution?
  • Looking for which populations to address, but a shortage in data-driven insights makes it a challenge to know where to start?

Leaders need to be able to make smart health management decisions and build a case for continued investment in health management programs. If your organization is ready to take the guesswork out of your population's needs, it might be time to adopt health intelligence. 

Smart solutions, like health intelligence, help employers understand what works and what doesn’t. With health intelligence, you can quickly understand the needs of your population and receive curated action steps and with Springbuk's automated insights – allowing you to deliver plans and programs that meet your members where they're at in their health journey. 

Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform can help you gather rich health and wellness data analysis and generate actionable strategies by predicting members' at-risk of conditions to more effectively guide disease management resources.

Are you ready to see if your organization is ready for health intelligence? Download the full e-book to learn how your company can take your health analytics solution to the next level. 

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