In our Are You Ready for Health Intelligence series, we’ve looked at identifying the current habits in your health management systems, and how to understand if your data is currently giving you the direction you need. However, as your benefits programs are ramping up, you need to proactively identify the metrics you want to track to ensure you’re making the impact you intended to. 

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Understand What Drives the Greatest Impact

Unless you know what conditions and issues you need to target and why – you’ll be stuck throwing plans and programs at the wall, hoping one of them will stick. 

Learn how an intelligent data analytics solution can guide your health benefits decisions from plan design through program evaluation

Successful employers focus on supporting health management initiatives and decisions with a clear link to goals and outcomes. The most effective initiatives use a “walk before you run” strategy. They start with fairly narrow, specific goals and direct all efforts toward them. As the organization’s ability to act on data-driven insights matures, they tackle more complex issues. 

What do you want to analyze and why? 

  • Do you need to predict which wellness initiatives are the most likely to reduce employee turnover?
  • Do you need to identify the best strategies for reducing PMPM health costs?
  • Do you need to model the potential savings of adding an on- or near-site clinic?

It’s critical to identify which employee health metrics are linked directly to your organization’s most pressing business issues, and how leveraging your data can improve your employee populations’ health. 

Do you need a way to measure the impact of your programs more efficiently? 

When organizations like yours are committed to enhancing the impact and results of their benefits plan, the biggest obstacle most commonly seen is wrangling all of the right data to quickly identify actionable insights. 

Are you currently: 

  • Pulling manual, static reports?
  • Spending extra time and money to get the reports you need?
  • Relying on intuition to evaluate performance and make decisions?

If your organization is experiencing similar pain points, you’re ready for a more intelligent solution like Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform.

Solutions like Springbuk Timeline™ allow benefits leaders to say goodbye to the days of making plan changes and wondering whether they move the needle in your population’s health. 

For the first time, employers and their advisors can visually show the impact of programs and strategies implemented by comparing metrics against your recent actions – all in a single dashboard or report. 

Are you ready to see if your organization is ready for health intelligence? Download the full e-book to learn how your company can take your health analytics solution to the next level.

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