Health Intelligence Heroes

A Q&A with Lee Williams, Sr. Data Scientist at Alera Group

Springbuk Alera QA Hero
Oct. 22, 2020

As a Senior Data Scientist for Alera Group, Lee focuses on providing robust data analytics services to clients. Utilizing the Alera Data Analytics Center of Excellence, he works with clients to identify the most impactful opportunities and win together.

Before joining Alera Group in 2017, Lee worked as a software developer/programmer, database manager, undergraduate instructor, authored courses in the humanities, and a leader at various non-profit organizations.

Recently, Brian Foreman, Client Success Team Lead, sat down with Lee to highlight his story and successes.

Throughout their conversation, Brian and Lee discuss:

  1. The biggest accomplishment of Lee's career
  2. How Alera Group is using Health Intelligence to drive innovation throughout their organization
  3. Lee’s most impactful experience while working with Springbuk
  4. Different ways in which Alera Group has leveraged data throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

Win and Retain with Health Intelligence

In this client success story, discover how Springbuk equipped Alera Group with the knowledge to understand what to do next to mitigate risk, decrease costs, and prevent disease with data.