A Springbuk Series: Are You Ready for Health Intelligence? Part 2

Next up in our Are You Ready for Health Intelligence series, we take it one layer deeper and help identify your organization’s current health management habits. This is the first step in understanding if your healthcare data is working to give you the direction you need to tailor plans and programs that fit.

Is your data giving you the direction you need?

Most wellness programs have a baseline of data. Participation, utilization, and incentive tracking are the starting pieces. But to complete the puzzle, there’s often additional information supplied by vendors, carriers, and consultants. These siloed data sources produce a base level of knowledge but are limited in driving meaningful health outcomes in a population.

Consider these factors:

  • Have you explored historical data to answer high-value questions, only to encounter “dead ends” due to your current solution or data limitations?
  • If you knew where to spend, and what health populations to address, would you have the direction you needed to make smarter health decisions?

Today, the majority of employers* leverage claims data to support program and plan design but lack the curated strategies necessary to make an impact. They’re relying on surface-level data sources and a labor-intensive system of spreadsheets to integrate third-party reports and draw conclusions. For these organizations, graduating from Health Analytics to Health Intelligence is like trading a tricycle for a BMW. If your organization isn’t using existing claims or clinical data to evaluate program effectiveness, the best next step is to start consistently, and methodically, using that information in your decision process.

See how Health Intelligence is helping organizations make intelligent, data-driven decisions for their population.

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