Webinar: Learning from the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America

Each year, Springbuk administers the Healthiest Employers® awards program to celebrate employers who epitomize what it means to be employee-focused. Recently, we announced the winners of this year’s national program, the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America.

Webinar: Learning from the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America

During this webinar, you’ll learn what the best-of-the-best companies are doing well. We will also be featuring two winners of the national award, Chevron and Indiana University Health.

Moderators: Springbuk and Healthiest Employers

Phil Daniels, co-founder Healthiest Employers and Jennifer Jones, Director of Health Strategy

We are excited that Phil Daniels, co-founder and Chief Customer Officer of Springbuk and co-founder of Healthiest Employers will be joined by Jennifer Jones, Director of Health Strategy at Springbuk. Phil and Jennifer will moderate the discussion on national trends across the Healthiest Employers® applicants and interview two wellbeing leaders.

Featured Panelist: Chevron

Dr. Janis Davis-Street, Associate Manager, Health and Productivity

Dr. Janis Davis-Street manages Chevron’s Health and Productivity group which provides targeted interventions for identified health risks and designs health promotion programming for employee groups. Janis holds a doctorate in health education and Master’s degrees in nutrition and organizational leadership. She is credentialed as a certified health education specialist and holds a certificate in public health informatics. Prior to Chevron, Janis spent 15+ years as a nutritionist at NASA.

Featured Panelist: Indiana University Health

Susie Bell, Manager, Healthy Results

Susie holds a Master of Social Work degree from Indiana University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a BA in Psychology and Education. She earned her Health and Wellness Coach certification through Wellcoaches and has been in the wellness field for nearly 15 years Susie has been on the IU Health Healthy Results team for 9 years and is currently the manager of the Health Coaching program.

What You'll Learn:

Understand the key trends affecting population health and employee wellbeing from Healthiest Employers® applicants spanning over 40+ regions nationally.

Absorb practical advice for improving the wellbeing of your employee population and supporting a culture of health.

Learn how companies are leveraging their health data to inform programming and addressing chronic conditions, co-morbidities, gaps in care, and supporting employee engagement.

Enjoy the experience of two notable wellbeing experts from Chevron and Indiana University Health who will share what’s been effective in building the foundations of their health programs.
Our team at Springbuk recognizes that it takes a village to navigate the complexities of employee health. We welcome HR executives, benefits and wellness leaders, employee benefits consultants, wellness vendors, and the many other trusted advisors across the industry to join us for this webinar.