Data files.

Carrier reports.

Every day, employers rely on multiple resources to try and play the role of a data analyst, clinical expert, and benefits specialist to answer their health plan questions and better understand their population’s needs.

However – these types of questions are complex to answer and with every additional information source, it’s increasingly challenging to know where to focus your resources.

With Springbuk Answers™, a curated search tool that uses natural language processing, it’s never been easier to make the best decisions for your people and business confidently.

Make Decisions with Speed and Confidence

When building Answers, we started with a familiar, everyday experience. Just like when you need to find the answer to a question such as, “Where is the closest coffee shop to me?”, you type it into a search bar.

We’ve created that level of ease within our health intelligence platform, but we’ve also embedded the knowledge and expertise of a team of data scientists and clinical experts right in your laptop.

As a claims data geek, Answers is certainly the answer to making my processes more efficient,” said Courtney Schwagler, Cost Containment Strategist at AdvancedBenefits. “As Answers continues to become more powerful and helps me find the facts I need, it will easily reduce my time spent on data collection by 50%.”

Answer Your Questions Instantly

Springbuk Answers empowers you with the knowledge you need at your fingertips so you can be armed with the right information, at the right time, to save money and avoid future risk. With Answers, you have the tools to:

  • Receive answers quickly to important questions within your population’s health that would have previously taken hours to uncover
  • Discover what’s driving population costs
  • See related questions so you can explore options more deeply
  • Identify the top providers for various services and compare spend to make informed decisions

Before the introduction of Answers, I had to research benchmarks and then perform manual calculations to understand cost trends. The process was time-consuming and had several points where bias or incomplete data could skew the results. Due to those limitations, I would perform the analysis behind closed doors and then have to engage carrier and vendor tools to validate the work I had already completed. That level of time commitment and the requirement to maintain perfect focus for increasingly long periods of time made the work incredibly difficult. With Answers, I can have the same level of detail in a client-presentable format that has been verified and internally corroborated. The tool gives more time to investigate and implement solutions, rather than being tied down to tedious pen and paper analysis.” - Lee Williams, Sr. Data Scientist at Alera Group

Actionable Health Intelligence

With Springbuk Answers in your benefits toolbelt, you no longer have to be a data expert to be an expert on your health data. Download the Answers Product Overview.