Springbuk + Included Health Partnership

To maximize the impact of your health benefits investment, you need the tools to identify opportunities and meaningfully direct your resources efficiently. Through Springbuk and Expert Medical Opinions powered by Included Health, you are empowered to address the goals of improving population health and decreasing overall healthcare costs.

Springbuk takes in data from multiple sources such as providers, carriers, point solutions, and many others to identify and suggest actions that employers can take to address health issues. Now, with Included Health, employers will be able to take the next step to connect their employees with support to find the right diagnosis, timely treatment, and member-centered support. Let's take a deeper look at how Included Health and Springbuk work together to make this happen.

A Strategic Partnership

Through the integration of these two leading health technologies, employers will gain access to proven digital health intervention services that are directly tied to savings opportunities and improved member outcomes.
This enables employers to deploy targeted interventions for their high-cost claimant population that lower costs, provide better outcomes, and result in satisfied members.