Over the last few years, employers have remained steadfast in providing meaningful experiences to their employees, despite the tumultuous wave of world events and historical happenings. 

Through their innovative approaches to deliver benefits and resources, they’ve made it clear that they are dedicated to the health and well-being of their employees. 

And when reviewing the top 2022 Springbuk content, it was obvious that action-oriented blogs, e-books, videos, and more were what caught the attention of our community. Below you’ll find the pieces you enjoyed most this year and links to some related content. 

Most Downloaded Pieces of Content

[E-book] Empowering Your Moments in Time: Whether you’re preparing for renewal season, evaluating a plan design change mid-year, or looking to monitor program success throughout the year, Springbuk makes it possible to ensure your healthcare and benefits program decisions are backed and guided by data. 

[E-book] Social Determinants of Health - Springbuk’s Perspective: Springbuk is uniquely positioned to lead our clients with an understanding of how community and individual needs affect their unique member population. We have identified six key categories where data related to individual and social determinants can be instrumental in designing impactful population health strategies.

[E-book] Are You Ready for Health Intelligence? We’d like to introduce you to the Springbuk Health Intelligence™ platform, a smarter solution for determining plan design decisions, making program selections confidently, and tracking metrics that highlight the success of benefits initiatives.

Most Read Blog Posts 

Navigating The Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA 2021): In this blog, we share our compiled learnings and opportunities that serve as our compass as we discuss CAA 2021 with our partners, including brokers, consultants, employers, and digital health solutions.

Springbuk Holds HITRUST Certification and Third-Party Validated SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance: We sat down with Chris Morrison, Manager of Security and IT at Springbuk, to understand the process he and the team work through each year to achieve HITRUST re-certification and SOC 2 Type 2 third-party validated compliance.

The Silent Killer Among Us: Chronic Kidney Disease: Identifying individuals at risk or in an early stage of a disease is most beneficial when there are interventions that can prevent or slow the progression of the condition. Fortunately, CKD can be prevented or slowed with lifestyle changes.

Most Viewed Videos

Are You Ready for Health Intelligence? If you’re ready to put your data to work, here are the five questions to ask and help your organization understand if you’re ready to begin the road from just having data to actionable health intelligence.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Well-being Interventions: While interventions have been a tool that benefits leaders and brokers have been using for decades, it is challenging to design these initiatives. The primary reason for this lack of success ties to having easy access to health benefits utilization data to assess the employee population’s true needs. In this video, we explore the five most common mistakes organizations make when designing interventions.

Employee Health Trends 2022:
Each year, Springbuk publishes the Employee Health Trends report based on all the data flowing into our health intelligence platform from more than 4,300 employers. With all the data at hand, our experienced data scientists, analysts, clinicians, and health strategists analyze the extensive data sets, looking for compelling stories that help employers understand not just the “what” in their data, but the “why.”

Most Listened To Podcast Episodes

Ep.10 Higher Healthcare Consumer Costs = More Corporate Profit. What’s Wrong with This Picture: David explains how the typical broker and carrier contracts are structured so that they benefit most when costs go up. His firm turns the usual system of incentives around so they’re paid on how much they lower costs. 

Ep. 7 Being Persuasive Without Being Abrasive: In this wide-ranging conversation, Spencer encourages those who are struggling with self-confidence to “learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” And he explains how one question — Are you a runner or a chaser? — can help you reframe your challenges and turn them into a personal guide to success.

Ep. 15 Breaking Barriers and Simplifying the Healthcare Experience: In this conversation, we're joined by Josh Reimer, Director of Channel Partnerships at Included Health, to review many of the challenges of our current healthcare system, including confusion, low engagement, lack of access, and high costs.

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