Through each installment of the Are You Ready for Health Intelligence blog series, we’ve explored the different factors to consider and questions to ask to better prepare your organization for the journey of going from outdated analytics solutions to achieving actionable health intelligence.

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In our final installment, we’re going to explore how insight from social determinant data can help you tailor plans and advance health equity in your population.

At the core, health equity is about enabling fair opportunities for all members to lead healthy lives by removing barriers or addressing the basic essentials needed for achieving good health

And, social determinant data can be a great starting point for understanding individual behaviors, genetics, social circumstances, access to healthcare, and environmental factors. 

Does your data tell you whether you should offer: 

  • Low-cost services to those living in a low-income household?
  • Onsite or mobile screenings for members who may not have access to transportation?
  • Evening or late-night appointments or screenings for members who work second or third shift?

If your organization is ready to take a holistic approach to address the factors that contribute to social determinants and advance health equity in your population, it’s time for health intelligence

How You Can Use Social Determinant Data to Advance Health Equity 

Springbuk is uniquely positioned to provide an understanding of how social determinants affect employers’ unique member population. We have identified six key categories where data related to social determinants can be instrumental in designing impactful population health strategies:

  • Health Plan Data Integration
  • Utilization Navigation
  • Benefit Plan Design
  • Care Management and Intervention Opportunities
  • Education and Communication
  • Predictive Modeling

A More Intelligent Solution 

Employers implementing health intelligence are reaping the benefits of targeted engagement, cost management, and actionable next steps – all the while knowing where to target their time and resources. Leveraging intelligent data is allowing everyone – not just database wizards – to uncover key insights and most importantly, take action

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