A Springbuk Series: Are You Ready for Health Intelligence? Part 5

Through each installment of our Are You Ready for Health Intelligence series, we’ve explored the different factors to consider and questions to ask to better prepare your organization to move beyond health analytics. Now, in our final installment, we’re going to identify how to prioritize ongoing utilization of Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform to improve your organization’s population health programs.

Consider these factors:

  • Will you share the insights and opportunities with company leadership?
  • Are you prepared to measure and align the efficacy of health and wellness vendors consistently throughout the year?
  • Is your organization willing to invest in improvements to existing health programs and interventions?

Today, the real commitment lies in dedicating the resources you have to make the necessary changes in plans and programs. For example, when Durham County started using Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform, and transitioned from relying on carrier reports and disparate data sources, they were able to compare healthcare spending year over year. They began to track not just claims, but also track gaps in care and compliance for their most prevalent chronic condition, diabetes. Additionally, with Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform, Durham County’s leadership identified a significant difference in members that actively utilized their onsite clinic at least once over an 18 month period. Active clinic members’ PEPM was $332 less than their inactive members – representing an annual savings of $322,704 for Durham County.

A More Intelligent Solution

Employers implementing Health Intelligence are reaping the benefits of targeted engagement, cost management, and actionable next steps – all the while knowing where to target their time and resources. Leveraging intelligent data is allowing everyone–not just database wizards–to uncover key insights and most importantly, take action.

Are you ready to see how Health Intelligence fits into your organization? Let us give you a personalized walkthrough of the Springbuk platform today.

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